VAT registration threshold to rise to 40 000€

31.03.2017 The Estonian government has just approved the bill draft that will raise the VAT registration threshold from 1st of January 2018, from 16 000 euros to 40 000 euros. The amendment is intended to reduce the level of bureaucracy for small and micro enterprises.

Estonian taxes at a glance

Estonia is one of the highest rated liberal market-based economies in the world. We are one of the first economies having a flat rate income system, a friendly environment for foreign investment and no tax policy on reinvested corporate profits. Our tax system can be summarized with two words –…

Creating an Annual Report

Spring has finally arrived. Warm weather and melting ground is the signal for many businesses to start preparing their annual fiscal year report. In Estonia the report is mandatory for all companies, even if there have been no economic activity during the reporting period. Creating the report can be a…

Why start a business in Estonia

The geopolitical location of Estonia, its compactness, logistical abilities, and thousands of years of experience in communicating towards the northern, the western and the eastern direction give us a unique position. As a border state of the European Union we create a strong business link between the EU, the Baltics…

Estonian tax changes in year 2017

The year 2017 has just started, bringing with it some changes to Estonian tax rates, which we would like you to pay attention to.