Aaberg’s services include the establishment of the company and its monthly accounting. We also offer virtual office solutions, different legal services and company liquidation.


  • Starting a company
    You will not get a business plan from us. Instead we provide you with strong technical support for all the bureaucracy of running a business. What type of company to set up? Where to register it? How to organize the accounting? We know the answer to that already. Leave it for us and commit yourself to your business.
  • Running a company
    In addition to your daily business, you must find time to manage your company’s accounting. Annoying? Not for us! We offer a wide range of accounting services to companies of all sizes.
  • Liquidating a company
    You've decided to permanently shut down your company? You now have to decide wether to sell it or liquidate it. Liquidation of a company is a time-consuming process, which includes a variety of tax and corporate risks. Leave it to us.